• Submarine channels ‘swept’ downstream after bend cutoff in salt basins
    The Depositional Record
    J. A. Covault, Z. Sylvester, M. R. Hudec, C. Ceyhan, D. Dunlap
    Abstract PDF Website EarthArxiv
  • Conversion of tectonic and climatic forcings into records of sediment supply and provenance
    Scientific Reports
    G. R. Sharman, Z. Sylvester, J. A. Covault
    Abstract PDF Website
  • High curvatures drive river meandering
    Z. Sylvester, P. Durkin, J. A. Covault
    Abstract PDF Code Dataset EarthArxiv Blogpost


  • detritalPy: A Python‐based Toolset for Visualizing and Analyzing Detrital Geo‐Thermochronologic Data
    The Depositional Record
    G. R. Sharman, J. P. Sharman, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract PDF Code Wiley
  • Latitudinal Changes in the Morphology of Submarine Channels: Reevaluating the Evidence for the Influence of the Coriolis Force
    SEPM Special Publication v. 108
    Z. Sylvester, C. Pirmez
    Abstract PDF Code Dataset Authorea
  • Submarine Fans and Their Channels, Levees, and Lobes
    In: Micallef A., Krastel S., Savini A. (eds) Submarine Geomorphology. Springer Geology, p. 273-299
    M. E. Deptuck, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract PDF Springer


  • Cyclic steps and related supercritical bedforms: Building blocks of deep-water depositional systems, western North America
    Marine and Petroleum Geology v. 393, p. 4-20
    J. A. Covault, S. Kostic, C. K. Paull, Z. Sylvester, A. Fildani
    Abstract ScienceDirect
  • Sediment partitioning, continental slopes and base‐of‐slope systems
    Basin Research v. 29, p. 394-416
    B. E. Prather, C. O'Byrne, C. Pirmez, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract Wiley
  • Facies architecture of submarine channel deposits on the western Niger Delta slope: Implications for grain‐size and density stratification in turbidity currents
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface v. 122, p. 473-491
    Z. Jobe, Z. Sylvester, M. B. Pittaluga, A. Frascati, C. Pirmez, D. Minisini, N. Howes, A. Cantelli
    Abstract PDF AGU EarthArxiv
  • High-resolution, millennial-scale patterns of bed compensation on a sand-rich intraslope submarine fan, western Niger Delta slope
    GSA Bulletin v. 129, p. 23-37
    Z. Jobe, Z. Sylvester, N. Howes, C. Pirmez, A. Parker, A. Cantelli, R. Smith, M. A. Wolinsky, C. O’Byrne, N. Slowey, B. Prather
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld EarthArxiv


  • Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Eustatic Control On Continental-Margin Sand Distribution
    Journal of Sedimentray Research v. 86, p. 1434-1443
    A. D. Harris, J. A. Covault, A. S. Madof, T. Sun, Z. Sylvester, D. Granjeon
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld
  • Development of cutoff-related knickpoints during early evolution of submarine channels
    Geology (2016) 44 (10): 835-838
    Z. Sylvester, J. A. Covault
    Abstract PDF GeoScienceWorld EarthArxiv
  • The stratigraphic record of submarine-channel evolution
    The Sedimentary Record v. 14, p. 4-11
    J. A. Covault, Z. Sylvester, S. M. Hubbard, Z. R. Jobe, R. P. Sech
    Abstract SEPM [pdf]
  • A new approach for conditioning process-based geologic models to well data
    Mathematical Geosciences v. 48, p. 371-397
    D. Wingate, J. Kane, M. Wolinsky, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract Springer


  • Rapid Adjustment of Submarine Channel Architecture To Changes In Sediment Supply
    Journal of Sedimentary Research v. 85, p. 729-753
    Z. R. Jobe, Z. Sylvester, A. O. Parker, N. Howes, N. Slowey, C. Pirmez
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld EarthArxiv
  • Stratigraphic rule-based reservoir modeling
    Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology v. 63, p. 287-303
    M. J. Pyrcz, R. P. Sech, J. A. Covault, B. J. Willis, Z. Sylvester, T. Sun
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld
  • Stratigraphic evolution of intraslope minibasins: Insights from surface-based model
    AAPG Bulletin v. 99, p. 1099-1129
    Z. Sylvester, A. Cantelli, C. Pirmez
    Abstract PDF GeoScienceWorld
  • Key Future Directions For Research On Turbidity Currents and Their Deposits
    Journal of Sedimentary Research v. 85, p. 153-169
    P. J. Talling, J. Allin, D. A. Armitage, R. W. C. Arnott, M. J. B. Cartigny, M. A. Clare, F. Felletti, J. A. Covault, S. Girardclos, E. Hansen, P. R. Hill, R. N. Hiscott, A. J. Hogg, J. H. Clarke, Z. R. Jobe, G. Malgesini, A. Mozzato, H. Naruse, S. Parkinson, F. J. Peel, D. J. W. Piper, E. Pope, G. Postma, P. Rowley, A. Sguazzini, C. J. Stevenson, E. J. Sumner, Z. Sylvester, C. Watts, J. Xu
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld


  • Detecting baffle mudstones using microfossils: an integrated working example from the Cardamom Field, Block 427 Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico
    Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology v. 413, p. 133-143
    S.-J. Jackett, Z. R. Jobe, B. P. Lutz, R. O. B. P. Da Gama, Z. Sylvester, I. M. Prince, H. L. Albrecht, T. Prasad
    Abstract ScienceDirect


  • Global (latitudinal) variation in submarine channel sinuosity: Comment
    Geology v. 41, p. e287-e287
    Z. Sylvester, C. Pirmez, A. Cantelli, Z. R. Jobe
    Abstract PDF Code GeoScienceWorld


  • 3-D Numerical Simulation of Turbidity Currents in Submarine Canyons off the Niger Delta
    Marine Geology v. 326–328, p. 55-66
    S. A. El-Gawad, C. Pirmez, A. Cantelli, D. Minisini, Z. Sylvester, J. Imran
    Abstract ScienceDirect
  • Three-dimensional numerical simulation of turbidity currents in a submarine channel on the seafloor of the Niger Delta slope
    Journal of Geophysical Research v. 117, C05026
    S. A. El-Gawad, A. Cantelli, C. Pirmez, D. Minisini, Z. Sylvester, J. Imran
    Abstract AGU
  • Pleistocene Seascape Evolution Above a “Simple” Stepped Slope—Western Niger Delta
    SEPM Special Publication 99, p. 199-222
    M. E. Deptuck, Z. Sylvester, C. O'Byrne
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld
  • Seismic Stratigraphy of a Shelf-Edge Delta and Linked Submarine Channels in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
    SEPM Special Publication 99, p. 31–59
    Z. Sylvester, M. E. Deptuck, B. E. Prather, C. Pirmez, C. O'Byrne
    Abstract PDF GeoScienceWorld
  • Stratigraphic Response to Evolving Geomorphology in a Submarine Apron Perched on the Upper Niger Delta Slope
    SEPM Special Publication 99, p. 145-161
    B. E. Prather, C. Pirmez, Z. Sylvester, D. S. Prather
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld


  • A model of submarine channel-levee evolution based on channel trajectories: Implications for stratigraphic architecture
    Marine and Petroleum Geology 28, p. 716-727
    Z. Sylvester, C. Pirmez, A. Cantelli
    Abstract PDF ScienceDirect


  • Turbidite channel architecture: Recognizing and quantifying the distribution of channel-base drapes using core and dipmeter data
    AAPG Memoir 92, p. 195-210
    M. Barton, C. O'Byrne, C. Pirmez, B. Prather, F. Van der Vlugt, F. O. Alpak, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract AAPG Datapages


  • Architecture of a Deep-water Levee Avulsion, Silla Ojo Mesa, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, Chile
    Atlas of Deep-Water Outcrops, AAPG Studies in Geology v. 56, p. 406-433
    C. J. O’Byrne, B. E. Prather, Z. Sylvester, C. Pirmez, B. Couzens, R. Smith, M. Barton, G. Steffens, J. Willson
    Abstract GeoScienceWorld


  • Turbidite bed thickness distributions: methods and pitfalls of analysis and modelling
    Sedimentology v. 54, p. 847-870
    Z. Sylvester
    Abstract PDF Wiley
  • Migration–aggradation history and 3-D seismic geomorphology of submarine channels in the Pleistocene Benin-major Canyon, western Niger Delta slope
    Marine and Petroleum Geology v. 24, p. 406-433
    M. E. Deptuck, Z. Sylvester, C. Pirmez, C. O’Byrne
    Abstract ScienceDirect


  • Textural trends in turbidites and slurry beds from the Oligocene flysch of the East Carpathians, Romania
    Sedimentology v. 51, p. 945-972
    Z. Sylvester, D. R. Lowe
    Abstract PDF Wiley


  • A diverse deep‐marine Ichnofauna from the Eocene Tarcau sandstone of the Eastern Carpathians, Romania
    Ichnos v. 8, p. 23-62
    L. A. Buatois, M. G. Mángano, Z. Sylvester
    Abstract Taylor & Francis
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