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Does river migration slow down in high-curvature bends?

The answer, at least for seven rivers of the Amazon Basin, seems to be negative, as we try to demonstrate in a paper that was recently published in Geology. My coauthors are Paul Durkin, at the University of Manitoba, and Jake Covault, at the Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin. In this blog post, I try to provide a bit more background to our paper.

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Stratal patterns in salt-withdrawal minibasins

These are animations that accompany our 2015 article on the stratigraphy of salt-withdrawal basins on the slope (Sylvester, Z., Cantelli, A., and Pirmez, C., 2015, Stratigraphic evolution of intraslope minibasins: Insights from surface-based model: AAPG Bulletin, v. 99, no. 6, p. 1099–1129). We have used a simple model that investigates the interplay between subsidence and sedimentation and helps in the understanding of how stratal termination patterns relate to variations in sediment input and basin subsidence.

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Recent Publications

  • The stratigraphic evolution of a submarine channel: Linking seafloor dynamics to depositional products
    Journal of Sedimentary Research
    S. M. Hubbard, Z. R. Jobe, B. W. Romans, J. A. Covault, Z. Sylvester, A. Fildani
    Abstract PDF Website
  • How do basin margins record long-term tectonic and climatic changes?
    J. Zhang, Z. Sylvester, J. A. Covault
    Abstract PDF Website
  • Submarine channels ‘swept’ downstream after bend cutoff in salt basins
    The Depositional Record
    J. A. Covault, Z. Sylvester, M. R. Hudec, C. Ceyhan, D. Dunlap
    Abstract PDF Website EarthArxiv
  • Conversion of tectonic and climatic forcings into records of sediment supply and provenance
    Scientific Reports
    G. R. Sharman, Z. Sylvester, J. A. Covault
    Abstract PDF Website
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